4th Quarter Performance and Boom Camp Bring Free Wellness and Workouts to Piedmont Park

Two of Atlanta’s top trainers have joined forces to bring the city of Atlanta #TheHillsATL, a free day of fitness at Piedmont Park where people can burn off some extra calories and learn about overall health and nutrition from experienced fitness professionals.


With summer approaching, fitness is starting to make its way to the top of many people’s priority lists. Joshua Jackson of 4th Quarter Performance and Boom Bush of Boom Camp are making a way for everyone to get fit this Summer.


As the group grows, the two have the goals of getting the entire community involved.

“Our goal is to get people here so we can help them understand that this is more than fitness,

this is about becoming a healthier community,” said Jackson.

The two plan to reach out to all community members, as well as local and surrounding businesses to make this something great for the City of Atlanta.

#TheHillsATL takes place every Saturday at Piedmont Park’s 10th Street entrance at 12pm.With the experience growing each week, #TheHillsATL attracted nearly 50 people last weekend and is expecting to bring in even more going into the Summer.

People are encouraged to bring water, a towel, and sunscreen. See you there!