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4th Quarter performance

What you will get in 4th Quarter performance

By becoming a part of the 4th quarter community, you're a part of a family!
With a team of motivated coaches and a community of like-minded team members, you're not in this alone. We have all the resources you need to see results and keep them. 

We have put this page together to help get you onboarded and answer any questions you have. This page will give you every step you need to get you started on your new fitness journey with us!

Your first week

For the next 3 months your results depend on you showing up for YOU. That means MAKING THE TIME, GIVING YOUR ALL and BELIEVING YOU CAN. 

Use this portal as a resource to help you succeed!

4th Quarter Performance

first week is all about preparation mental, physically and nutritionally

1. New Team Member Orientation

This is a time where you discuss goals, expectations, introduce our coaches, our framework and how to get results 

2. Meal Prep for Week 1

Click here to download your meal guide 

3. Set up your Trainerize Account

(check your email for account set up | if you don’t see email from Trainerize check your spam | If you still don’t see it please email us

4. Complete Goal assignment 1 
View Assignment (Click here)


Why Trainerize ?

For month 1

Trainerize will instruct you on how to take your photos.

The app will prompt you when to take your progress photos and update your weight and measurements.

You will be required to update these weekly. Any month after that will be 1x per month. (again you will be promoted by the app)

The pic above shows an example for how to take your progress photos (NO selfies)

For month 2

  • Women – Please wear shorts and a sports bra. 
  • Men – Please wear shorts and no shirt

When taking your measurements here are some pointers: 

  • Waist – belly button all the way around 
  • Arms – at the peak of your bicep (unflexed) 
  • Hips – find where your booty sticks out the furthest and measure all the way around 
  • Thighs – put your hands down by your side and measure where your index finger touches, all the way around

You WILL NOT need to send your photos or measurements to info@4thquarterperformance.com



The 4QTR METHOD has a Private Group Chat within the app. There is also a messaging feature where you can privately message us if you have any questions or updates. 

Please feel free to ask your questions there for this will be the best and most efficient way to communicate and address anything you need.


4th Quarter Performance on the App store

Step 1

Go to your favorite ​app store & download the Glofox App (the orange and purple one).

Step 2

Search for <Studio Name>.

Step 3

Your account has been started for you. Click on ‘Forgot Password’ (upper right corner of app) & enter your email to reset your password.

Step 4

Login to your account with your new password.

Step 5

Update your Profile (image located in upper left corner of the app):

Step 6

Click on Payments & Add Card to add your card account details for an automated monthly membership.

Save your changes.

read up.

The results speak for themselves...

I am happy that I took decision of joining 4TH QTR.It Helped me setting new goals 👍


And always Remember to finish how you start